"There are two major groups of issues in laparoscopic surgery, you have solved 50% of them"
Sebastiaan Veersema, MD, Netherlands
"This is the first laparoscopic device in 30 years that will make a significant difference"
Narendra Pisal, MD, London
"You don't need a randomized trial to tell you that it is better to jump out of plane with a parachute than without one"
Andreas Thurkow, MD, Netherlands

What is LapDome™?

The LapDome™ platform from DOME Medical Technologies is designed to provide a more eloquent, safer, and efficient entry into the abdominal cavity during abdominal surgery. The LapDome™ utilizes a dome shape and negative pressure suction from standard OR suction systems to raise the abdominal wall above the critical organs without the use of manual clamps and allows for rapid access of devices.

  • The LapDome™ device is a proprietary, PCT protected device. 

  • The LapDome™ is CE Certified

  • The LapDome™ is a Class 1, non-intrusive device that meets the standards of both ISO 9001 & ISO 13485

  • The LapDome™ is a sterile, single use device with features designed to discourage re-sterilisation and re-use

  • The LapDome™ is manufactured and shipped from within the UK.


The LapDome™ is a provisional patent filed design incorporating a molded plastic dome, with a port for attachment of the suction system and an injection port for the insertion of surgical equipment, such as the Veress needle.  The device is placed in the center of the abdomen, a suction hose attached to the suction port, and negative pressure suction is applied. The abdomen immediately rises, and as the inert gas is delivered the Veress needle is inserted into the created space, with no risk of injuring a vital organ, inert gas is delivered to replace the negative pressure and the surgery can commence.


The LapDome™ uses suction to “lift” the skin and abdominal wall away from vital organs.


The LapDome™ is the New Standard of Care in Laparoscopic Surgery

  • It represents a new and significant competitive advantage.

  • Designed to address shortcomings in abdominal surgery access.

  • Single Surgical Operator use.

  • Reduces time for insufflations.

  • Minimizes need for trocar incisions.

  • Reduces risk of injury to underlying organ/vessels.

  • Shorter recovery time/less narcotic use.

  • Lower Complication rates and Reduced Operating theatre budgets.

Target Market

The LapDome is a physician preference, hospital based call point. The target market is well defined and easily assessable for qualified medical distributors in each of the global markets targeted. The bulk of laparoscopic procedures are GYN surgeries which will serve as the company's initial target market and then expand to other surgical sub-specialties such as gastrointestinal, bariatric, gallbladder and urology.